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November 2018 update

Posted on November 30, 2018 at 1:20 PM

Of course the highlight of the month was the amazing gathering around the cenotaph at this year’s Remembrance Service led by Vicar Stewart Jones. Around 400 people attended & Barlaston’s Yarn Bomber had erected a display using poppies knitted by residents over the past couple of months which received so many Likes it nearly broke the internet! In all seriousness it was a very moving occasion with people visiting the church over the following few days to see an exhibition put together by a team of volunteers who had recorded facts about the people from the village who gave their lives in the Great War.

We still have some places left on the BBT (Barlaston Bus Trip) to the Liverpool Christmas markets on TUESDAY 4th December. We want the coach to be full enough to provide a good atmosphere but not too full that we can’t have a few spare seats to put our shopping on! Oh, and somewhere to put the mince pies for the return journey of course. The coach will pick up from St. Johns Parish Church, Station Road where you can leave your car, setting off at 9.30am, returning from Liverpool at 4.30pm. Tickets are £14 each and include a mince pie and a Christmas tipple for the return journey. Contact Jenny Donovan on 01782 373334 or email us if you have any questions.

The new ‘Mid Month Gratitude’ slot on our Facebook page is attracting attention with residents thanking each other for deeds done, and this month two individuals are highlighted for helping the Womblers achieve their goal of a litter-free village – St. John’s very own Geoff Hambleton, who was caught on camera very early one morning fetching his paper, and new recruit Stan who has now got a regular route along Meaford Road. Thank you very much gentleman and keeeeeep pickin!

The Womblers had a very productive haul last weekend with around 13 bags & 4 Fly-tips notified. The gang on Hardcore Duties this month were Andrew M, Eric, Hilary, Andrew B, plus Graham who had done a pre-womble the day before & Shane & Ann who we accosted on route! The rest of us (Sandie, Stan, Sarah, Emily & I) got off quite lightly. It was great to welcome new recruits Sarah, & Emily, now our youngest member at one year old! MASSIVE THANKS all round - with everyone's help we WILL eliminate those Tossers (of rubbish obvs)!

Further to our big announcement regarding the Barlaston Cinema project, we can now confirm that the equipment has been installed and it’s lookin’ good! The image is crystal clear and fingers crossed the speakers in the village hall will be able to cope with the soundtrack to the film we have chosen to launch with – any guesses? Yes, Bohemian Rhapsody! Keep Saturday 2nd February free for our Film Premiere in the village hall!

Tickets are now being circulated for the Golden Agers Christmas Tea Party on Sunday 9th December, from 2 – 4pm in the Village Hall. If you are over 70, it’s free and only £5 for younger guests. Please don’t be put off if you can’t travel or if you are single as we can arrange to pick you up and there will be lots of opportunity to meet other like-minded people and sing along to some of the carols with the CK Community Choir. Santa will be making his usual appearance and hopefully this time he will have found a more suitable place to store the chocolates…. Some of you may remember his attempts to retrieve the Celebrations last year were rather disturbing!

The Kids Disco on the 2nd was a huge success with many new residents bringing their children along and getting to know each other. Thanks to everyone who came & Sara, Jayne, family & friends for organising it! Our next event is the Childrens Christmas Party in the Village Hall on Saturday 15th December, from 2 – 4pm, where Santa will also be making a guest appearance. Admission is FREE but to help us cater for the event please pick up a ticket from Kitsons’s Chemist, Barlaston First School reception or drop us an email & we’ll save them at the door for you. Posters will be going up around the village and look at our Facebook page or Website for more details.

The New Year will be a busy time too with a Pop-up Supper at the Village Hall on Friday 25th January to celebrate Robbie Burns’ birthday. A rare breed of Haggis is already being hunted and a 4-course supper consisting of Cock-a-Leekie Soup, Och Aye Haggis & Neeps, Burnsish Burger and Chipped Tatties followed by a Deep-fried Mars bar or other Scottish delicacy, will be served to the lucky early-bird bookers. Numbers will be limited due to the space required for the frolicking that will follow, so again keep your eyes peeled for further info! We can’t afford a Caller, so it’s likely to be Mr Black in his skirt, oops kilt.

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